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Our History

Romantik Hotel Post Villach from 1863 - Today

1873: The son of emperor Franz Josef, Archduke Rudolf stays in the „Post“.
1880: Jerome Bonaparte, the youngest brother of Napoleon I stays in this house. The original registration form is still property of the “Post”.
1945: The southern courtyard was severely damaged by bombs.
1949-1950: Reconstruction. At the same time, from 1945-1952 the house is occupied by the British army.
1952: On May 14 - withdrawal of the occupying power and the tourist enterprise begins again.
1975: The Hotel Post becomes a member of the RomantikHotel group. The “Romantik Hotel Post” owes the admission in that select consortium of hotels to quite some extend to the fact that it is one of the most beautiful mundane examples of architecture in Villach.
1986: Redesign oft he courtyard dining area and the „Orangerie“.
1989: The main square becomes a pedestrian zone and an outdoor café directly on the main square is born.
1994: The acquisition of the so called „Sixhouse“ is made and apartments are built. Apart from that, by the demolition of the old garage, the parking lot is expanded.
2001: The comfortable sauna area on the 3rd floor, with a sweeping city view is added to the hotel’s amenities.
Annually the historic house from the 15th century is renovated with a lot of love. If it is the bathrooms, guest room accommodations, hallways, fire protection… All for the welfare of our beloved guests!

We are proud that recently we accommodated many famous guests in our hotel.

From the politics:

Federal President Kurt Waldheim, Peter Westenthaler, the Swedish Royal Family, Minister oft he Interior Ernst Strasser, Govenor Jörg Haider, Alfred Gusenbauer, Susanne Riess-Passer

 From the film and theater industry:

Horst Frank, Uschi Glas, Dagmar Koller, Heidelinde Weis, Dieter Hallervorden, Gunther Philipp, Joachim Hansen, Nadja Tiller, Grit Boettcher, Claus Theo Gärtner, Günter Strack, Christiane Hörbiger, Karl Schönböck, Christine Ostermayer, Peter Schiff, Johanna von Koczian, Paul Hubschmid, Peter Kraus, Christian Kohlund, Wolf Roth, Harald Leipnitz, Vera Russwurm, Heide Schmidt, Sigmar Solbach, Peter Uray, Otto, Hans Joachim Kulenkampff, Helmut Fischer, Otto W. Retzer, Mat Schuh, Gerda Rogers, Anja Kruse, Marianne Mendt, Richard Lugner, Manfred Lukas-Luderer….

 From the music industry:

Karel Gott, Al Bano & Romina Power, Flying Pickets, Ludwig Hirsch, Jazz Gitti, Udo Jürgens, Karl Moik, Ivan Rebroff, STS, Lizzi Engstler, David Hasselhoff, Waterloo & Robinson, Franz Posch, Nino de Angelo, Roberto Blanco, Zillertaler Schürzenjäger, Pavel Kogan, Deep Purple, Joe Cocker, Conny, Jestofunk, Dave Brubeck Quartett