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Our History

Romantik Hotel Post Villach from 1671 - 1862

1679 A great fire destroys large parts of Villach and the house of count Widmann is badly damaged. A lavishly sculpted memorial, built in the stone of the house’s facade reminds people of that time. The Right Honourable Earl Ludwig Widmann of Ortenburg, Baron of S. Paternion and Sommeregg has the house rebuilt. Also the trinity column on the square was built as a reminder of the great fire.

1748 „Gasthaus zur Post“ is documentary mentioned for the first time.

1759 The „Post“ accommodates Empress Maria Theresia, who in that year purchases the possessions of the diocese Bamberg for 1 million gulden. Apart from Villach also Wolfsberg and Feldkirchen.

1813 During the Napoleonic Wars the house alternately serves as HQ for the French and Austrian commanders. In the course of the battles over the town the “Post” gets damaged again by a fire.

1814 After the retreat of the French the Khevenhüller’s former palais becomes a station for the regularly travelling stage coaches of the K.u.K. post. The rooms of today’s restaurant Postillion are stables that can accommodate 10 horses. From the “Gasthof Post” are stage coaches leaving to Klagenfurt, Spittal and Tyrol on a regular basis as well as to Udine and Vienna twice a week and four times a week to Ljubljana.

1848 Save keeping of the corpse of Marie Luise, second wife of Napolen I, on the transfer to Vienna.

1859-1862: The „Gasthaus zur Post“ serves as accommodation for the commanding officer of Villach’s infantry regiment, archduke Heinrich.