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Our History

Romantik Hotel Post Villach from 1500 to 1670

Around 1500 construction of the palais with its rich, still preserved cross vaults.

1548-1629 City palais of the counts of Khevenhüller, one of the most distinguished and richest family of Carinthia’s nobility. At the same time the Khevenhüllers owned numerous estates, castles and manors in Carinthia such as castle Hochosterwitz and Landskron. The era Khevenhüller is also equivalent to the high period of the house.

1552 On the run from Moritz of Saxony Emperor Charles V of Habsburg reaches Villach. During his stay from May to June he lives in “THE house on the square”, today’s Romantik Hotel Post, as Khevenhüller’s guest. From here he rules his world empire of which was said that there the sun would never set.

1564 In March archduke Charles II of Austria is Khevenhüller’s guest in Villach’s city palais after his homage in Zollfeld.

1574 on 24th June King Henry III of France stays in Khevenhüller’s palais.

1582 Pompous wedding of Barthelmä Khevenhüller and Bianca Ludmilla of Thurn.

1588 Banquet for archduchess Margarethe of Habsburg, where count Khevenhüller hands 1,000 Klagenfurt pennies over to the royal bride, who is on a journey to Spain for her wedding to King Philip III.

1628/29 The Khevenhüllers being devoted Protestants, are banished and forced to sell all of their Carinthian possessions.

1629 Count Widmann, who had gained enormous wealth due to his trading businesses in Venice, purchases the house.